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textured glass
Textured Glass
We have dozens of designs of decorative glass. This glass adds beauty and a different look to cabinet doors, entry doors, sidelights, and many other applications. We carry over 40 glass patterns. All patterns can be tempered, laminated or insulated. Heavy patterns can be used for office partitions, office doors, frameless showers, and other architectural applications. We are constantly adding new inventory with a concentration on heavy pattern glass for architectural applications. Click here to learn more about our supplier.
Satin Etched Glass
Satin Etched Glass comes in a range of thicknesses and obscure patterns. The patterns are great for office partitions, shower doors, office doors, and railing applications. The Surface designs will not change overtime, because the process does not change the internal make-up of the raw material, all of this glass can be processed like ordinary glass. Etching process also hardens the etched surface making it more resistant to scratches. It also will not accept fingerprints, or soiling like sandblasted glass.Click here to learn more about our supplier.
GlassKote Painted Glass is an alternative material for kitchens or baths. It is more contemporary than granite or ceramic tile, and comes in a wide range of colors. The GlassKote painting system can be applied to regular glass and also any of our textured glass patterns. It brightens up your home and colored backsplashes, shower surrounds, or counter tops; let your imagination run wild. Click here to learn more about our supplier.
Hurricane Resistant Glass

Custom Hurricane resistant glass to meet highest safety standards using Uvekol laminated glass made by Coastal Glass Distributors. Who have met the requirements and successfully passed the cycling protocols. We have a variety of thicknesses including the use of 1/8" glass. Click here to learn more about our supplier.

Berman Glass Editions

Berman Glass Editions is a certified fabricated glass with Joel Berman Glass Studios. There are currently 4 patterns available to choose from, and come in 6mm and 10mm. Click here to learn more about our supplier.

ShowerGuard Glass

Showerguard glass is a new products that has a permanent coating on the glass to eliminate the buildup of grim and water spots over time. This product comes in 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2" thickness. Click here to learn more about our supplier.

FireLite Glass

FireLite Fire Rated Glass is a revolutionary fire-rated glazing materal which is different from ordinary window glass in that it is classifies as a true ceramic. Because ceramic is resistant to high temperatures, FireLite is ideal for us in fire-rated doors and windows. Click here to learn more about our supplier.

SungGuard Glass

SunGuard Glass is a SuperNeutral, High Performance and Solar coated glass product. To maximize your options, each series is available on a clear or green substrate – along with UltraWhite low-iron float glass substrates for the SuperNeutral series coatings. Click here to learn more about our supplier.