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Mirror walls have always been a fascinating decorative idea. These are the walls with wall-to-wall one single frameless mirror. Unlike normal mirrors, these have no joints, corners or designs on them. It is used in living rooms and commercial spaces to brighten the place and create a sense of space.

Choosing a bathroom mirror is no longer a simple task. As the bathroom fitting business expands, manufactures are offering more variety in bathroom mirrors than ever before. Today, you can find various styles, price range and designs of these mirrors in the market, which makes it even more interesting to decorate your bathroom.

Are your windows crackling? Do they rattle every time wind blows around your house? Are there any Then, your window glass is in an urgent need for some repair. It is quite easy to repair window glass and you don’t have to be an expert handyman to restore your windows.

Want to give a room a beautiful look without changing much of it interior? Then how about using decorative window glass? Decorative window glasses are available in many styles, designs and colors.

Bright and luxurious bathrooms are something that everyone wants. If your bathroom has a clinical feel to it, then you can improve its looks by putting some stylish bathroom mirrors. Bathroom mirrors can serve dual purpose of helping you in getting ready and of creating a sense of grandeur in your bathroom.
While designing your windows, you should give special care and attention to the window glass. With the right kind of window glass, you can give a new and fashionable look to any room in your house. The most important thing about your windows design is that they should add to the beauty of your room and not over power.
  • Insulating (thermo) glass
  • Shower and bath enclosures
  • Glass tabletops
  • Plate glass
  • Window glass
  • Safety glass: laminated or tempered
  • Plexiglas and Lexan
  • Non glare picture frame glass
  • Glass shelves
  • Coated glass –
  • Reflective and Low-E
  • Reflective films
Decorative glass windows are the simple method of beatifying the house in a particular way. You can easily install decorative glass windows at your home. Several designs and colors of decorative glass are available at the market. The decorative window films can be installed at various areas of your house. Some of them use this in the bath room to get privacy. They are not affected by steam or moisture. Decorative glass windows can also be installed in your kitchen to give a different look. They easily filter UV rays and protect from skin disease. The beauty of the glass would remain there for longer time. It will not get damaged that much quickly.
Window glass replacement can be done in an effective way. It is very simple and easy process of replacing the window glass. You have to purchase the glass and install it in a proper way. Different types of glasses are available for your window and you have to select the correct one for your window. You can also replace the entire window very easily. Tempered glass, insulated window and laminated glass can be used for window glass replacement. Tempered glass is made of glass material and it is used for safety purpose in high windy areas. Laminated glasses are specially treated glass and they are resistant to breakage.